LAZ Level R Library 1.4

LAZ Level R Library 1.4



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Author: Language Technologies, Inc.

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SECOND GRADE TO THIRD GRADE READERS will love this library of 12 books. Each Learning AZ library contains ten books on that reading level, the free sample book for that level, and the free sample book for the next level to challenge readers to expand their reading skills. Developmentally appropriate sentence construction, vocabulary, and engaging illustrations make it easy for readers to feel confident about their skills.

Learning AZ provides materials delivered online and through the iTunes Store that help children learn to read, write, and discover the wonders of science. All our materials are leveled so that children can access information at their developmental level. Our leveled readers begin at level aa with labeling objects. In level A simple sentences are presented. With each level thereafter the sentences get more complex and the words become a little more difficult.

Features include:
”Interactive glossary providing point-of-use definitions
”All books are carefully leveled, giving readers a developmental growth path to improve their reading skills
”All books end with discussion questions that check student comprehension and encourage critical thinking
”Classroom support through lesson plans, worksheets, and quizzes can be found at
”All books support state and national core standards (correlation found at

A QUICK GUIDE IN PLACING YOUR CHILD at the appropriate reading level:
aa to C”kindergarten
D to J”first grade
K to Q”second grade
R to U”third grade
V to Z”fourth and fifth grade

About ReadSmart
ReadSmart is a set of patented technologies created by Language Technologies, Inc. for improving reading comprehension, speed, and enjoyment and is used in a variety of publishing fields. ReadSmart's algorithms analyze text to give document-specific results: the arrangement of text for a document is optimized while preserving the designer™s layout. Once a digital book has been created using ReadSmart technology, nothing is lost and it retains the look and feel of the printed edition, not a generic electronic document.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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